Intermediate Championship Group 1 Round 2 – Currow vs St Marys

Intermediate Championship Group 1 Round 2
St Marys: 0-10(10)
Currow: 2-13(19)

On Sunday April 14th St Marys travelled to Currow for the second round of the Intermediate Championship. A Bryan Sheehan free got the scoring underway in the second minute of the game. Currow’s Pa McCarthy put a free wide but thirty seconds later Mike McCarthy scored the home sides first point from a free. Denis Daly scored St Marys’ second point from play which was followed by two points for Currow from Mike McCarthy and Dan O’Shea. A placed point from Bryan Sheehan was reciprocated by Luke Fitzgerald. Denis Daly scored his second point of the game in the thirteenth minute. A minute later Bryan Sheehan was shown a yellow card for which Mike McCarthy kicked the placed ball wide. The strong wind played a big factor in this game with another wide for Currow coming from Luke Fitzgerald. Currow came back with three unanswered points, Seamus Brosnan, Pa McCarthy and Mike McCarthy (free). Killian Nolan was replaced by Muiris Fitzgerald due to injury and Anthony Cournane kicked his first point of the game from a free. Luke Fitzgerald scored the home sides first goal of the game to which Bryan Sheehan replied to with a point. Jack Daly received a yellow card and Currow ended the first half with two more points from Pa McCarthy (one free), putting the home side ahead 1-9 to 6 points at half time.

A half time substitution for St Marys saw Roman O’Shea replace Niall Brennan. The first point of the second half came after five minutes from a Mile McCarthy free. The wind played its part again making it harder for the teams to score. St Marys had three wides, two Bryan Sheehan frees and Denis Daly from play. Denis Daly was also shown a yellow card. Mike Daly pulled off a great save for St Marys and Mike McCarthy scored the thirteen yard free after the referee giving advantage. Adam Quirke got St Marys’ fourth yellow card of the game and Pa McCarthy kicked the free short and into Mike Daly’s arms. Two minutes after Mike McCarthy scored Currow’s second goal putting the home side 11 points ahead. Anthony Cournane was replaced by Jack O’Mahony, Bryan Sheehan pointed another free and Darren Casey was replaced by Kevin Moriarty for St Marys. Brian Curran received a black card to which the limited away side had to bring Darren Casey back on. Mike McCarthy scored two consecutive frees and Shane Brosnan received Currow’s only yellow card. John Buckley was replaced by Kevin Daly for the home team. Bryan Sheehan then had to be replaced by Niall Brennan due to an ankle injury. Denis Daly scored for St Marys nine minutes after their last score. Currow made three changes; Mike McCarthy was replaced by Padraig O’Shea, Dan O’Shea by Tommy Dennehy and Shane Brosnan by Jack Griffin. Darren Casey put his name on the scoreboard for St Marys in the 28th minute. Adam Manley was the home teams final substitute for Garreth O’Connor. A Denis Daly free was St Marys’ final score before Kevin Moriarty kicked a wide, leaving a scoreline of 2-13 to 10 points in favour of Currow.

Teams lined out as follows:
St Marys: Mike Daly, Killian Nolan, Brian Curran, Patrick Cournane, Conor O’Shea, Oisin Moran, Niall Brennan, Bryan Sheehan (0-4, 3F), Denis Daly (0-4, 1F), Darren Casey (0-1), Adam Quirke, Mark Quigley, Anthony Cournane (0-1, 1F), Jack Daly and Niall O’Shea.
Subs used: Muiris Fitzgerald, Ronan O’ Shea, Jack O’ Mahony and Kevin Moriarty.

Currow: Shane O’Leary, Pat O’Sullivan, John O’Connor, Sean Brosnan, Mike Hanifin, Garreth O’Connor, Kevin Fitzgerald, Seamus Scanlon, Shane Brosnan, Luke Fitzgerald (1-1, 1F), Seamus Brosnan (0-1), John Buckley, Pa McCarthy (0-3, 1F), Mike McCarthy (1-7, 6F) and Dan O’Shea (0-1).
Subs used: Adam Manley, Jack Griffin, Kevin Daly, Padraig O’Shea and Tommy Dennehy.

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